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The Skinners [detail] -
Jim, and Eila with her family. The Skinners [detail] -
Jim and Tracy with her family. The Skinners [detail] -
Jim. The Skinners [detail] -
Jim again. The Skinners [detail] -
and again The Skinners [detail] -
Jim and Robin and her family. Morgan Jappe -
Morgan is a talented young actress and singer. In the course of sittings, because of roles she was playing on stage, her hair changed colour three times.This served to make the painting more fun, but also more expensive.
Oil on canvas 50in x 38in
Senator Dean Barkley -
That rare politician, independent, intelligent and honest.I was tempted to include this painting with the ones of great Rugby players also. The Skinners [detail] -
Mike The Skinners [detail] -
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