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Portfolio: Family and Group Portraits

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Elizabeth Massey -
This is part of a double portrait of Elizabeth and her brother James. They can be hung separately or framed as a pair. James Massey -
This portrait forms a pair with the one of James' sister Elizabeth.
Both are oil on canvas 40in x 30in. Leah Jappe -
Leah is a top class heptathlete from Colorado. It would have been easy to paint a full figure composition. However she is also a deeply thoughtful and focussed young girl.
Oil on canvas 50in x 40in. Kelly Shenk -
This is one of a suite of three portraits of eighteen year old Kelly and her younger brother and sister. Standing proudly beautiful in her prom dress, her father hovers protectively in the background. Kelly [detail] -
Oil on canvas 40in x 30in. Joe Shenk -
Joe is the middle one of the three Shenks.Strong and quiet.
Oil on canvas 40in x 30in. Kristen Shenk -
Kristen is the youngest of the Shenks, a top class figure skater with all the grace and poise that brings.
Karen, Kristen, Joe, Kelly and Dr John Shenk -
And Zoe the Dog
Oil on canvas 40in x 50in Dejeuner sur Lino Lakes Herbe -
A relaxed painting of a picnic by the pond.
Oil on canvas 30in x 42 in. The Skinner Family -
This is a very large group portrait in four detachable panels.The four canvases portray Dr Jim Skinner with the families of each of his four children. When Dr Skinner died in 2002 the painting was broken up and his son and three daughters each had their own family portrait with their father included.
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