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Dr Dan Vechell -
 36in x 26in  Oil on Board Drew  in Hockey Mask -
 50in x 40in  Oil on Canvas Sue Barkley -
 60in x 48in Oil on Canvas  The structure of this portrait is one rectangular canvas inserted into the rectangular 'donut' of another larger canvas.
Sue Barkley is a profoundly beautiful woman, complex and with a certain quiet mystery.
The flexibility of the border which the canvas construction gave me allowed me more leeway in the composition of the portrait.
Indecisiveness is not necessarily a fault. Sue Barkley [detail] -
 boardroom portrait -
Mrs Scott -
 This portrait was featured in an exhibition some years ago. On such occasions I used to dispach my daughter to wander anonymously amongst the viewing public to listen to any comments, positive or negative.
She reported a conversation between two men standing in front of the 'Mrs Scott' portrait.
'She must have been a stunner when she was young' said one of the men.
'She's a stunner now. Look at those eyes' replied his friend. Mrs Scott [detail] -
 Jane Davies -
49in x 35in Oil on Canvas    I was once accused of using Jane's refection in the glass table as a device for expressing some freudian comment on female adolescence.
So wrong.
It was merely a chance to paint Jane twice. Jane Davies [detail] -
 Nicola Holmes -
 Nicola was quite literally the girl next door.
She babysat.
She cut my hair.
She asked for alibis when necessary.
The striped texture of the paint is from the corduroy which I used for the canvas.
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